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Our software is free to use, but many people would rather have us set up and/or manage their split tests. Here are some of our services:

AB Split Testing is the easiest way to increase the conversions on your website.

Set up and walk through
We will make sure you know how to run your own split tests and with you on the phone - set up your first test. You should be able to use our software on your own after this.

Manage your split tests
We will suggest changes to be made on your test pages and manage the testing process. Fee covers 4 tests.

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FREE Split Testing - Yes, our software is now free to use. Registration is simple and you can be up and running within 5 minutes of registration.

A split test is a way to make more than one version of your website and to see what version of your website converts more visitors into sales. Perhaps you want to test one headline vs another headline, or maybe you want to see if putting the order form on the home page works better than putting the order form on a separate page. Using our software and experience you can eliminate the guesswork involved with increasing your site conversions.

Form Split Test

Split Test Example #1: Changing Headline Color



Free Split Testing Software - YOU are leaving money on the table when you don't test.

  1. Use split testing better understand visitor behaviors and how they use your site
  2. Use split testing as a diagnostic tool to find out what is going wrong and how to fix it.
  3. Use split testing to dramatically challenge assumptions you may have about the best way to design or write a page.

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Test Anything

Page Copy • Forms • Images • Colors • Head Lines • Pricing • Offers • Font • Layout • Registration pages • Advertisements

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Don't lose more sales or leads - Start testing and optimizing today. You can start your first split test in just a few minutes.

Of course, the real trick is knowing what to change - or WHEN to change. That is where our experience allows us to develope your test pages to their full potential. We are are starting a forum where you can tap into our many years of online experience.