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split testing

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The software tracks visitors to the pages being tested, and any conversions coming from those pages.

Shown above is the screen for managing any split tests that you are running. The converstion ratio is displayed and we show the leading percentage for at-a-glance viewing of your results. The confidence in a statistical measurement of how likely the results would hold steady over the long haul.

You will have to decide what confidence level you will use to make your decisions. Time is a factor that is not used in the statistical model, but business sense tells us is important. If you run a test for several weeks at 75% confidence you will need to determine, from your own experience, if that works for you. Anything over 95% is usually a strong indicator that the results will hold.

Personally, anything at 75% that holds steady for several weeks with at least 300 total visitors (150 on each page) is a test that I consider completed.