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How to split test a form:


Too often, web masters treat form as a one size fits all element. Where they may normally test all aspect of a page design and layout, the form is often ignored. This shouldn't be the case - Running a split test on a form is no more complicated than a standard split test. You make a variation of your control page form into a second page, your test page, as then your run a standard split test.

We have made it very simple to set up and run a test.

STEP 1. Identify a page or element on your site that you wish to test.

STEP 2. Create a variation of that page or element.

STEP 3. Use our free split testing program.

how split testing works

In the flow diagram above, your control form would be page A. The test form is page B. To run a quality split test we need to alternately send users to page A and page B. This will give us the most accurate split test.