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split testing



split testing



A split test is where you measure a new idea or way to sell a product against a control or default that you know works. For a web site it is a way to statistically test two different web pages and see which page converts better.

We have made it very simple to set up and run a test.

STEP 1. Identify a page or element on your site that you wish to test.

STEP 2. Create a variation of that page or element.

STEP 3. Use our free split testing program.

how split testing works

For example: If we were to test our homepage, we would use the current page as the A or baseline page. We would then make a copy of the A page and change something - let's say the image above to a more business-like image. This new page is our B test page. Next, using our program will send every other visitor to the B page. With 50% of the visitors going to each page we are able to get a representitive sample of the site traffic. Finally, we track and report the differences in conversion rates between the two pages. If the test page B out performs the current A page we make the B page our new home page - AND CONTINUE TO TEST.

Constantly repeat this process for any element on all pages of your site and you will dramatically increase your sites performance.

Of course, the real trick is knowing what to change - or WHEN to change. That is where our experience allows us to develope your test pages to their full potential. We can even set up pages on your site that dynamically change based upon keywords the visitor typed in a search engine prior to being directed to your site. Providing what your visitors are looking for in a quick and seemingly smooth manner will help boost your sales.