Current Website Metrics

What is your current conversion rate? %
What is your average monthly traffic?
What is your average order value? $
Current customers converted per month 1,000
Current monthly online revenue $150,000

Revenue Growth with Optimization

What is your estimated
conversion rate improvement?

*Default conversion rate is 1

Conversion rate total
after optimization
Customers converted per
month after optimization
Monthly revenue increase
after optimization
$37,500 (20%)
Monthly online revenue
after optimization

ROI from Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Such as The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™ or data-validated design


Time Period 6 Months 1 year 3 years
ROI Ratio 3 : 1 7 : 1 22 : 1
Net Revenue Increase $165,000 $390,000 $1,290,000

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Formulas – ROI of Increased Conversion Rate

Total Customers Converted = Average Traffic * Conversion Rate
Total Online Revenue = Total Customers Converted * Average Order Value
Total Revenue Increase = Projected Total Online Revenue – Baseline Total Online Revenue
Projected Conversion Rate = Current Conversion Rate + Conversion Rate Improvement
Estimated Additional Revenue = Total Revenue Increase * (Months In Program – 2)
Adjusted Net Revenue Increase = Estimated Additional Revenue – CGP Investment Cost
ROI = Adjusted Net Revenue Increase / CGP Investment Cost