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Conversion Rate Optimization


What is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from a website or mobile app.  In the context of E-commerce, CRO is the optimization of digital sales conversions. 


Why is this important? It is our observation that the most successful E-Commerce entrepreneurs are able to more effectively scale their brands if they focus on the details.  Given recent developments with IoS14 and other laws pertaining to customer privacy, now it is harder than ever to effectively market digitally.  What many entrepreneurs fail to realize is that there are minor tweaks that could be made throughout their sales funnel that can have a large impact on their profit number.   This is where we always recommend that our clients focus on conversion rate optimization as this will pay long-term and compounding return on investment.


6 Elements of CRO That You May Find Useful

  • Landing Page Design (Aesthetic)
  • Website Copy (Words used on site)
  • Call-to-action (Request for customers to take action)
  • Navigation and Site Structure (Easy to navigate)
  • Forms (One-click forms, easy password creation)
  • Page Speed (Load Time)


What is Split Testing?  Split Testing is running traffic to 2 different sites and seeing what works better.  Split Testing, for the most part, is a technique in which “more seasoned” online sellers follow through on.  


Like A/B testing, split testing ensures that decisions are not made by gut or guesswork.  It gives you the opportunity to compare and see which one works best for you.  It allows you to compare two different versions of your website or landing page and see which one does a better job of converting visitors into customers.  In order to truly optimize your sales process, we view split testing as ESSENTIAL to the long term success of your brand. 


Who are The Ecommerce Accountants?

The Ecommerce Accountants is an Accounting Firm that specializes in accounting & taxes for Ecommerce Businesses and other Digital Entrepreneurs.  All of our clients are E-Commerce Entrepreneurs.   On a daily basis we work with sales channels that include Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and Walmart sellers.   Within each of these sales channels we work with clients that drop ship, wholesale, warehouse inventory, 3PL inventory, and even Print-on-Demand.   Our clients also advertise and market across many platforms including Facebook, Tiktok, Bing, Pinterest, Google, Snapchat, and even influencers. As you likely already know, each of these areas have their own built in complexities, and given our broad experience in the space, we have a competitive advantage in terms of understanding your Online Sellers.

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