5 Tips on How To Use Your Instagram for Good


5 Tips on How To Use Your Instagram for Good

In this digital age, we are all obsessing over social media and “living our best lives.”  However, as of recent, social media, especially Instagram has become an unattainable, unrealistic and fantasized highlight reel. It is now hard to even log in to the app, without seeing everyone you know at the gym, traveling, moving into gigantic homes, going to fashion shows, promoting something, doing something bigger and better than you, giving us all the dreaded “compare-itis.” It seems that social media nowadays has become this superficial platform, where we are all trying to “outdo” each other. 


But this is just everyone’s “highlight reel” and people’s “social media personas.” However, there is more to it than meets the eye. It’s very rare that someone shows their struggles, their insecurities, talks about their about their hardships, address major issues going on in the world. 


It is so important to realize that Instagram is often used as a highlight reel and no ones life is glamorous, or that perfect. As social media users, we all need to realize the power that social media can have, not only on our identities and confidence but on the world, how we view it and how we view each other. We know view our world, each other and society as a superficial place, where we are constantly judging and nitpicking other people’s lives. It’s time to change that norm and start utilizing social media for good, to spread awareness, to help people. Here are 5 ideas on how to use social media to make a change, right now. 

  1. Share your Story 
    • Let’s not be superficial. Yes, keep on sharing the amazing parts of your life. However, don’t be afraid to get into the not so glamorous aspects too. If you’ve experienced struggles in life, no matter how small, share them with your audiences. You instantly become so much more human and relatable to so many people. Whatever your story is, share it. Tell your audience who you are and what you have gone through, you’ll be amazed at the response. 
  2. Get Involved in Your Local Community 
    • Find local events, small businesses, a charity, mom & pop shops and go out and support them. When you support a local event, store, charity, etc, you are helping a family, a mom, a budding entrepreneur. You will have a direct impact on their lives with your support. Make an effort to even just shout out these businesses on your social media. Talk about what they are doing and what their mission is! 
  3. Make Someone’s Day
    • This can be done in so many ways. Engage with your audience, find like minded people, find people who are struggling, reach out and talk with people. Social media is designed to be able to connect with people. Go and talk to people, find out what people struggle with, what other people are going through, let them know they matter, whatever it is, start connecting with people.
  4. Speak Up/ Get Involved with Whats Going on in the World
    • Find a movement or charity that your are passionate about and talk about it. There are so many things going on in our world today that need to be addressed, so speak up about things you care about and band people together to make a change! Post about their organization on your social media. Speak up for what you believe in and share it with your audience. Instead of posting about how great your celery juice is, throw in a couple posts about why eating clean is important for not only you, but for others and our environment!
  5. Volunteer/ Donate
    • Find a local cause you are super passionate about and donate a few dollars to them, if you cant afford to donate, donate your time! There are numerous events and organizations all over social media, do a little social media deep dive and find the one you love! It is so, so, so important to spend some time out in the community, helping others. Whether it be a blood drive, an animal shelter, a march, etc. Go out and help!! 

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