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Digital Marketing and Social Media


The digital marketing industry is booming and expanding every day. Did you know that Google receives more than 77,000 searches every second? Yes, this is a true fact and learning this information helped me understand the spectrum of this rapidly growing industry. 

Nearly all aspects of our world are impacted by technology and have become virtual. Even prior to Covid-19, social media, and the internet was a big part of our lives. Now, more so than ever, digital marketing is so important and such an evolving industry. Due to this I think it is safe to say that digital marketing is quite literally the future. With so many things that changed when we were unexpectedly hit by Covid-19, I guess we can find comfort in the fact that digital marketing remained more or less, the same. That is what makes it so unique and fun to work with. 

What is most appealing to me about digital marketing is the endless opportunity for creativity. Perhaps, in other fields, creativity may not be as important, but in marketing the crazy and unique ideas are what will give a client, product or influencer the exposure they need. This may be what makes marketing special. As an Information Technology major, the advancement of technological use in digital marketing excites me because technology is such a vital part of today and will be for the near future. Diving further into the technological factor, social media has become an integral part of digital marketing. Declared by Emarsys, there are 3.2 billion users on social media who use it every single day. The heavy use of social media makes it extremely easy to utilize it as a tool to promote business or your creative content. Marketing on social media platforms differentiates from marketing through television and newspaper advertisements since it is so easy to interact with your audience through your social media platform. Your audience is able to reach you through comments and direct messages providing that one to one connection that was unheard of through television and newspaper marketing. We all know world events give rise to unique ideas and innovative startups that ultimately transform huge elements of life. We saw the rise of Uber after the 2008 financial crisis and now we can’t imagine a world without Uber. Just like this the current global pandemic is transforming business and social media norms that have existed for years. We saw people tuning into their Instagrams and Tik Tok accounts to find inspiration, quarantine activities and so much more. Those who didn’t take the social media world seriously have come to the quick realization that digital marketing and social media will be the future demand. The integration of digital marketing and social media is especially exciting since users can find pictures of their friends and family on the same app as information they may need about a business! 

Digital marketing has also helped analytics become an important part of social media platforms. This allows for influencers, content creators and businesses to have greater visibility and see if they’re reaching their audiences. Including data to help drive decisions enables influencers to help increase their engagement and motivate them to create content that their audiences want to see.


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