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Hosting Social Media Giveaways

Hosting Social Media Giveaways

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What a better time than to do a social media giveaway?! Many people are home right now, scrolling on social media and some going through a very rough time. Right now is a great time to treat your followers to an amazing giveaway!

Giveaways not only give you the opportunity to give back/treat your community but you will also establish a great brand personality and identity.

So… how to properly host a Social Media Giveaway? Here are some of our best tips!


Know Why Your Hosting The Giveaway 

What is your reasoning for hosting a giveaway? Try coming up with a theme of the giveaway and tell people why you want to do a give away!

Be Clear About What the Reward is 

This is super important! Let your followers know EXACTLY what the reward is, what are they entering for and really show the value of it!

Plan Out a Clear Timeline 

Be clear and precise about the timeline of your giveaway. You don’t want people entering in before or after the giveaway, so be very clear!

Set Definitive Rules and Know Them Well 
Have a Plan to Track Incoming Entries 

Giveaways can sometimes get very confusing. Again, be clear on not only the timeline but the rules and guidelines of your giveaway. Keep it under control and have a set plan to track all your entries!


Giveaways are a great way to grow your following and treat your current audience! Some ideas for a great giveaway can be tailored to anyone on the frontline of this pandemic, treating them with an at home spa package. If your a beauty influencer, do  giveaway with your favorite beauty products. If you are a fitness influencer, give away one of your favorite at home workout guides!

Get creative and have fun!

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