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How to Find and Keep Inspiration

How to Find and Keep Inspiration

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Working from home for some can not always be easy. The current situation we are in can cause a lot of stress, and has definitely shook up our current lifestyles. With that, it can be hard to find and keep inspiration. However, we have compiled an ultimate guide on how to find and keep that inspiration!

First things first, you need to do things that will clear your mind and spark ideas. Its okay to take a mental break and relax when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. When you are constantly working, new inspiration can be difficult to find. That is why it is so important to take second, close the laptop, and take a mental break. It will allow you to refocus and clear your head.

If that does not help, grab your favorite book thats relevant to the topic your working on. Reading and taking your mind off of your physical task can help spark that inspiration.

Next, do not be afraid to ask for help and look to others for brainstorming advice or ideas! Especially now, we need to keep in contact and still have that human connection! Go to someone your trust and respect their opinion, and ask for help! Ask what their favorite tips are for inspiration and brainstorming.

Once you have some ideas, break it down! A lot of the times we feel overwhelm with all the unfinished ideas in our brains. Write them down and break them down into manageable parts.


Lastly, DO NOT GIVE UP! Everyone goes through mental blocks and its okay! Your inspiration will come when you least expect it!

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