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How to Respond to Opposing Views


Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of our time on social media platforms, and for some of us even run businesses or brand on social media or online. With that, comes a lot of differing opinions and the ability to take your stance on just about any topic at any time. While this can be a blessing and a curse, it is definitely super beneficial to know how to respond to opposing views, especially if you are trying to maintain a brand image! 

So what exactly is the right way to handle these situations, while still keeping your cool, and acting professional? Do you even respond? Well honestly each situation is different, so we have formulated some key points to keep in mind when you do have to handle some opposing views!


  • This is the best thing you can do when dealing with opposing views, negative opinions, feedback,etc. Truly be curious and actually be interested in the other person’s viewpoint. This will get you so much further, than “clapping back” or starting more of an argument. When you are an influencer, brand or even corporation it is so important to stay open minded, and lead with curiosity and professionalism. Be interested in what other people have to say without getting so offended. Ask yourself questions like “why do they hold this position? What evidence are they looking at? How are they interpreting this situation? What life experiences might lead them to disagree with your point of view?
  • A lot of the time, especially with more sensitive topics like world issues, or politics, people have very strong emotions tied to their beliefs or opinions, which can lead to heated arguments, misunderstanding and illogical reactions. When people have their emotions tied to their opinion or belief, when a counter argument is made, a lot of the times someone can feel personally attacked which can lead to conflict. Number one piece of advice and takeaway should be to try to not be so emotionally connected to the situation or views. When dealing with opposing views, take your emotions out of it and state facts, not feelings. Which leads us to the final tactic…

  • Do not be afraid to speak your mind also! However, keep in mind the above tactics. Proving your point by using facts rather than leading with feelings will enhance your point. You will be able to be understood better and lead to a level headed argument, rather it getting blown out of proportion

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