How to Stay Motivated in Business

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How to Stay Motivated in Business

Motivation. It can come and go in a fleeting moment or stay as persistent as a stoked fire. We go back and forth like the tides. It recedes and comes back in different forms. As Confucius famously stated, “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” Motivation is needed to keep the world turning. 

Business has always been a roller coaster ride. Your passion for the art of business keeps you around, but does it motivate you enough to push yourself? Sometimes we all need a reminder of what we are working towards.


Remember your Original Goals

Your goals keep you pushing toward tomorrow. They are the sun that keeps your solar system together. Why did you choose this career path and why have you stayed this long? Whatever the reason was, take the time to remember. 

Did you just realize that you have already accomplished your original goals? Celebrate your victories. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge that we have met our original goals. You have come far. Once you have finished your victory dance, begin forming new goals that will bring you further.


Take a Step Back

Look at things from a customer perspective. Sometimes we get so caught in our own view, we forget to widen our horizons. Taking a step back gives the opportunity to wash away preconceived notions about yourself and your business. 

If you have been working for 3 hours and have not made any progress, it is time to take a break. A wise friend once told me that taking 10 minutes to yourself (normally) does not do any harm. Plus, you get back to your tasks with a fresh mind!



Shift around your work routine. Try switching the time, manner and place in which you work. If you normally work one task in the morning, try switching it out for an afternoon task. If you are a remote worker (like us 🙌), find a new place to curl up in. You might even discover new ways to make your workday more efficient and enjoyable!


Talk to Someone New

When you have been socializing with the same group of people, you often lose out on hearing fresh perspectives. There’s no better way to do this than to talk to a newbie or, even better, an intern. Ask them why they enjoy what they do. If someone at the bottom of the totem pole can find optimism in their work, so can you!


Maybe you’re in the Setting

Let’s say you have tried everything and cannot find a sliver of joy in what you do, get out. If you are not excited to work every day, then what are you doing? No person likes their job 100% of the time, but each should be able to find some passion to keep you motivated.

This is an extremely personal decision. While many suggest a pros and cons list, various psychologists advise against them. To sum up Tim Wilson, a psychology professor, on Business Insider, using your gut is the best resource in decisions. There are feelings that cannot be properly written into words. You may uncover the real reasons you are unhappy buried under many little, trivial ones.


Everything is an Opportunity

Life is an opportunity. Each step on the paths you take adds to the person you become. Even the worst of situations have lessons to teach. Stay vigilant in recognizing this and you will find the motivation to get you through every day!

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