How to Explain Your Purpose 

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How to Explain Your Purpose 

When marketing and showcasing your brand, it is so crucial for your audience to know what your purpose is. Your audience is asking themselves these questions:

  • What drives this brand? 
  • Who are the faces behind this brand? 
  • What does this brand or company stand for? 
  • Why do I want to work with or do business with this brand? 

So how in the hell do you get that message across clearly and efficiently?! Don’t worry, we’ve created a step by step guide on how to do that. 

STEP ONE: Define your Purpose

First things first, you have to determine what your purpose is. What is the driving force behind your brand? A good way to think of what your purpose is asking yourself ‘what is my why; why do I do what I do? This has to be deeper and more meaningful than something as simple as making money. Dig deep. 

Some questions to ask yourself to figure this out are:

  • What is the most rewarding thing you or your company has ever done for someone else? Why was it rewarding?
  • How do others describe your or your company impact on their life?
  • If you had all the time in the world to volunteer, who would you or your company volunteer for?
  •  When you look back on these years, what do you want to remember and what do you want to be remembered for?

STEP TWO: Create Content Based on your Purpose 

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Once you’ve established your purpose and your ‘Why!, now lets figure out how to create content on exactly that! The best way to communicate this to your audience is through creating content. Content can be curated and distributed onto any social media channel that fits with your brand, into newsletters, company websites, etc. Your content needs to keep your purpose in mind. If your purpose is to educate and teach people about your industry, create more education content. If your purpose is to grow your comedy business because you enjoy making people feel good, create entertaining content. 

Whatever content you decide to make, a pro tip is to utilize the power of video and live streaming. People need to hear from real people. The most genuine way to explain your purpose and brand is to get in front of the camera, talk and interact with your people. Anybody can take cool photos, put words on a page, or make an infographic, but there is only one you. Utilize that! 

What you have to say is SO important and there people in need of hearing it. When you do a video or hop on a live stream, people can see you, hear you and most importantly relate to you.  Be authentic, be real and get your face on camera!


STEP THREE: Align Yourself with Organizations with a Similar Purpose


Alright, so we have our purpose, we’re creating awesome content, but how can you really get your message across to your audience? Combine forces with other organizations that have a similar purpose. For example if you are a fitness influencer who wants to help their audience live healthier and happier lifestyles join forces with a healthy meal delivery service, work with your local health food store, donate and become an activist for you local charity that supports something your passionate about (American Red Cross for example. 

No matter what industry your in, it will make you so much more credible to join forces with other influencers, companies in line with your purpose, charities etc. 


STEP FOUR: Don’t Just be All Talk 


The most important step. If you’re gonna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk. You can easily say what your purpose is and go on and on about it, but are you really living and breathing it? Let’s use the fitness influencer example again. If your purpose is to really help others live a healthy and happy lifestyle, you have to do the same! You have to be living that exact lifestyle. Lead or show by example. Put strong actions behind your words to really show your audience how serious you are about your purpose! 


Finding your purpose and being able to not only explain it to your audience but to portray it effectively will take your business to the next level!

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