Make a Difference in Your Community: We Know… it’s Cliché

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Make a Difference in Your Community:

We Know… it’s Cliché

Yes, we know that this title is intimidating. The world seems to be turning at an unfamiliar pace. Sometimes the minutes pass by, begrudgingly, especially while trapped indoors. Other times it seems like someone pressed the fast-forward button and you wish you could press pause.


We know one thing:

The world is constantly changing and rearranging. 

Now is the time of extreme uncertainty and fear, we need to unite. Together, we must venture on into the unknown with our best selves extending outward into the community. 


Change starts small.

Let me say that again….

Change starts small


But let’s look at the word small. It may mask itself as negative connotation, but it is much more than what it seems. Imagine you are a doorperson. You greet each person walking in and out of your building. Two people greet you kindly on their way out the door. Another 5 people respectfully make their way out of the building. One person rudely addresses you and hits your shoulder on the way out.

Who are you going to remember: the 2 wonderful people, the 5 respectful people, or the one bad one? You would probably remember the people from the opposite ends of the spectrum. The kind ones and the disrespectful one. 

If there were more people in the kind category of individuals, visualize the amount of positivity that would be added to your day.


That’s what the world could be like if more people jumped on board.

I would say the biggest (and smallest) help you can give is support. Support takes many shapes and sizes. Hey, if you are an award-winning biochemist who can develop a cure for the coronavirus, you go! 👏 That’s incredibly amazing. You do your thing! 

Yet, surprisingly, not everyone is a super talented biochemist. That does not mean you cannot help. It just means you are going to have to get crafty!


Support extends from appreciation. 

Appreciation for the parents trying to stay calm for their children. 

Appreciation for the people whose loved ones are ill. 

Appreciation for the individuals who risk their health every day to keep society running. 


We need to sit back and acknowledge the good amidst this unique period of history. Most of all, we need to remember that it does not take much to be a positive force throughout. A thank you can make a difference just as a hefty donation can.

I implore you to get creative and find the most amazing ways to signal your thanks. Some of us have quite a bit of extra time on our hands anyway.

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