Use Your Powers for GOOD: Positively Change the World with Your Instagram

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Use Your Powers for GOOD:

Positively Change the World with Your Instagram

Sometimes you can feel powerless about things going on in the world. Problems seem too big to tackle on your own. However, we all need to remember the superpower at our fingertips… the internet! Yes, it is commonly used for evil, but you can change the way you use it! Let’s unpack some ways for you to use your Instagram powers for good!


Own Your Imperfections

Imperfection breathes life into the human profile page. Owning every part of yourself can give others the confidence to own it themselves. Topics such as mental health have taken a forefront on many social media platforms.  

One way Instagram has helped our generation is through breaking down the confined construct of beauty. Today we have a much broader, more inclusive definition of beauty. Users have broken down the long-standing, highly specific beauty standards to give self-confidence to the younger generations. 


Find Your Internet Superpower

Everyone has a superpower…. Some ease tension with laughter…. Others write with empathy entwined in every word…. A few use artful color to express what words cannot. Once you find your power, employ it positively. Create content with love and lightness in mind!


Highlight Positivity 

Draw attention to the world’s superheroes and amazing events. You never know when a positive post might change someone’s day! Also, by posting the positivity, you might find some positivity in yourself. So that’s a win-win.


Start a Donation

Pick a cause that is close to your heart. Then, publicize it through your Instagram. Explain why it strikes you and your followers might gain interest in the cause, too. Your followers might even have a change of heart! ❤

One of our fabulous clients is the Stan Lee Foundation. They generously donate to programs that provide effective education. Check out their initiatives to learn more! This is definitely a worthy cause to donate to!



The world is changing minute by minute. Post with others in mind. What is going to help your followers get through this tumultuous time? Instagram has so many wonderful capabilities to be explored in a positive light. I wish you luck on your quest…. Use your powers wisely, my friends.

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