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Wazzup Dawg? A Reflection in Brand Voice




Greetings play a major role in how you see someone. Addressing your boss with the same verbiage of a college frat boy might not go over too well. So, what about brand voice? What kind of conversational should your brand be?

The answer lies crocheted into your brand image quilt. When contemplating voice for a brand, you need to make it clear and intentional. Above all, you must remain resolute in who you are as a brand. Before we jump into conversationality, let’s discuss brand voice.


Brands are People too

Pick 4 adjectives that correctly encompass your company/business/brand. Then build around them. Imagine your brand as a person. Is this person a hipster millennial bursting with blunt authenticity? Or is this person loving-natured with empathy bursting at their seams? Whatever you choose, own it. Your brand is one-of-a-kind, so portray it as such.


Spectrum of Conversationality

Back to the original meat of the story. In the context of this blog, conversation is based on how reserved or blunt you want to be. Conversationality is a spectrum. Some people are quiet and introverted while others are so extroverted, they are constantly talking. Brands express the same qualities people do. Below are brands that represent their brands proudly and where they place on this spectrum.

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1. Flex

There is nothing modest about this feminine hygiene brand. In their “Have the most comfortable period of your life” ad, the spokesperson makes what could be an uncomfortable topic comfortable. The ad employs humorous truths while addressing what the buyer wants to hear. Nevertheless, the brand never fails to promote their relatable, blunt, and humorous voice in every piece of copy.

RANK: 9.5

PERSON: Your activist cousin who is always ready to party down

2. Mailchimp

This email marketing platform always plays on their quirkiness not only through their voice, but in their funky graphics. Mailchimp perfectly places themselves in the categories of knowledgeable and fun, giving a friendly vibe to the consumer. They showcase their true colors in their Marketing Tips Blog.


PERSON: Quirky neighbor with a bunch of interesting facts

3. Dove

Dove is known for their Self-Esteem Project that helps young people reach their full potential. The company is unwavering in creating a supportive, and caring voice to ensure authenticity in their audience.


PERSON: The most caring, selfless friend/family member you have


Express Your Brand

Brands are people. Personality should fly off every piece of content your brand puts into the world. Often, branding is the only way to differentiate product/service offerings from competition. Make your voice shine by surfacing the voice that encompasses your brand. That is how your brand will shine in a content-crowded world!

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