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Meet Clean Green Project

Clean Green Project is a company that makes biodegradable, eco-friendly household products ranging from beeswax polish to lighting fixtures. The problem? It’s hard to identify and reach a customer base for a new company with such a wide variety of products. We were hired exclusively to increase their conversion rate.

Our Approach

Data & Market Research

Clean Green Project was a new company when we started working together. This meant they had a lot of market research to conduct to make sure their website and messaging were in-line with the target demographic. Our split tests heavily focused on messaging and imaging, and focusing on Cart and Checkout pages.

Layout Testing

Despite a standard “product page template” that Shopify themes give to websites, we realized the traditional format was not serving the client. We rearranged many elements into a new landing page to push traffic to. This was one of the biggest difference makers.

Product Positioning

While working hands-on with their products, we learned that not leading with “eco-friendly” converted far higher for product titles and descriptions. By listing “eco-friendly” as a secondary Unique Value Proposition (UVP), conversions skyrocketed.

Our Results

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