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Meet myLAB Box

myLAB Box is the longest-running nationwide at-home screening service for sexual health. Founded in 2014. It was the first platform to offer testing and treatment remotely in all 50 states, and now offers 30+ remote medical testing options including nutrition, fertility, and STDs. But with more competitors entering the market, myLAB Box wanted to step up their marketing and make sure they were getting the most out of the traffic coming to their site. We were hired to increase the conversion rate on their website.

Our Approach

Product Page Optimization

myLAB Box had a strong conversion rate from their Homepage to Product Pages, but a poor Add to Cart ratio. We focused on implementing new designs and split tests on the product pages to increase this number over 40%.

Mobile-Website Split Testing​

Over 80% of traffic to myLAB Box is on Mobile, so we focused our split tests there. Our mobile-specific tests are what brought a majority of this new revenue through conversion rate optimization.

Site Speed Optimization

myLAB Box had several technical issues on the site that our team addressed with their tech team. After intense collaboration, we figured out the structural issues that increased their site-speed dramatically. While we can’t account the exact percentage this helped, we have reasons to believe as much as 30% of the increase in conversion rate can be attributed to improving their site speed.

Our Results

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