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Meet Gloves.com

Gloves.com is a market leader in nitrile and disposable gloves. Due to world conditions in 2020 and 2021, they needed to rapidly increase their conversion rate to capitalize on the opportunity. They have a targeted demographic of SMB health professionals who continuously buy from Gloves.com. We were brought on to increase the conversion rate of Gloves.com.

Our Approach

Data Analysis & Heat Mapping

Through heat mapping and user testing, we learned that users that landed directly on the product page were not converting as well as those that start from the homepage. We focused on the homepage for split tests, where we found the most profitable tests for the client.

Headline Testing

Businesses like medical spas and dentists require vastly different messages, which was a source of pain for Gloves.com. After testing sliders, different hero images, and featured products, we ultimately found what headlines and product titles gave the highest conversion rate.

Homepage Layout & Design

As we learned the homepage had the highest end-to-end conversion rate, we focused our biggest test slots there. Our most successful test was a homepage layout test, where we tested what sections needed to be highest in hierarchy of design. This was the biggest needle mover in our entire campaign.

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