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Meet EC Accelerate

EC Accelerate is a company that guides new E-Commerce companies through the process of starting their online stores. We were hired to lower their cost per lead.

Our Approach

Improve Cost Per Lead

Our main focus was on the “squeeze page” where prospects would opt-in for a free crowdfunding blueprint guide. On this page, there are very few elements, so split testing the proper message was the biggest needle-mover. After just a few months, our split-testing created a 30% decrease in cost per lead.

Increase Application Rate

Our second biggest priority was split-testing the Application Page where companies would apply for acceleration. Identifying where to place, and how to format, their lead form was the biggest optimization by far. Our split tests uncovered the most important factor was to make an exact-match to the email headlines and Application page headlines.

Testimonial Redesign

As EC Accelerate is such a high-ticket offering, testimonials are a crucial piece in effectively advertising and making sales. NextCore Media redesigned and build their testimonial sections to increase conversion rates.

Our Results

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