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Meet Tapp Brothers

The Tapp Brothers are world-famous Fitness Influencers with over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube alone. They specialize in at-home fitness, with a course called Rapid Primal Fitness. We were hired to optimize their landing page and funnel design to make it as profitable as possible.

Our Approach

Heat Mapping

Through heat mapping and user testing, we learned that most users would only scroll 30% down the main landing page. There were two main learnings from this. 1, the customers who did purchase were convinced to buy within the first 3 sections. 2, the bottom half of the page was not very important for overall sales.

Headline Testing

As most marketers know, 80% of results come from “above-the-fold” meaning all content you see when you first load a page. When we learned we needed to focus our time here,

Landing Page Per Traffic Source

For this product, there was a unique landing page for both Facebook ads and YouTube ads. We know the nature of the traffic on each platform is different, so we did some personalization for each platform. Typically, YouTube users are more laser-focused on the offer, while Facebook users typically like more context and more information.

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